Monthly Archives: February 2014

It has been so long…

And for that I am sorry. This past few weeks has been pretty rough for me in terms of motivation to do things for a whole list of personal reasons I will not bore you with here. But fear not, I will be posting once again. I will try and get one or two new […]

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K.F.C. – Korean Food Corner: The Fried Rice Experiment!

So, welcome to this first in what I hope is a series of food based posts by me. They will be a mixture of meals I cook at home and the many kinds of delicious foods that I eat when I am out with friends. When I lived in the UK, I loved cooking and […]

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Applying to EPIK #2 – That essay

So, I am not going to talk much in this post as I can’t offer you a lot of advice. I don’t know exactly what it was about my essay that got me an interview but they seemed to like it. I just addressed the points they asked for in the best way I could. […]

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