New post on a new blog…

This is the first post I have done since way back in early January (my last post was on my last blog ( So, I hear you asking with excitement and glee? What have you been up to? To be honest, a lot but nothing all at the same time. Buckle up and prepare for excitement (as well as a long blog post) below.

Like every GET (Guest English Teacher) working at a public school in Korea I have spent the majority of January on Winter Break. However, for the majority of early January I was working on my winter camp. For those that don’t know, winter camp is something that almost every GET has to do. The kind of camp you do, and the length of your camp will vary from school to school and district to district. So, what did I do? Something that was surprisingly fun (and kept my boys engaged…for the most part). Week One of my two week camp was a thrilling adventure into the world of Doctor Who. A great love of mine is Sci-Fi and I was genuinely excited when I showed my boys some Doctor Who at the end of last semester and they loved it. This camp involved them designing a whole universe with a hero and culminated in them writing me a story. My favourite one involved Jesus being kidnapped and tortured so Buddah had to take over as ruler of the world (or something like that). I was pretty impressed with all the work I got, as some of the students tend to be a little lazier when it comes to doing work in my class.

The reaction of my boys when they heard about Doctor Who Camp

For my second week, I had planned more Sci-Fi based fun with a Back to the Future camp (the best trilogy ever made). However, on the last day of my Doctor Who Camp, my co-teacher asked if I could do a Sherlock camp instead. I agreed, remaining perfectly calm despite the fact this meant a lot more work on my part…

Inside, I was doing this…

However, I did get the work done (in part, thanks to an existing and wonderfully designed camp on Waygook) and the boys really enjoyed it. The one downside was that we never actually finished an episode of Sherlock. For the final day of my camp, I showed them Mr. Bean’s Holiday (a great movie and weirdly popular here…)

So, with my camp completed, I was free to enjoy my own holiday. Before it hit, I had all these wonderful ideas about what I would do, but rather disappointingly, I did nothing. Well, almost nothing. I had wanted to travel around Korea and see things that I had not seen. Instead, I spent the majority of my time at home, partly because I was suffering from an awful cold combined with insomnia and partly because I had managed to spend much more money than I realised.

This money (which seems to vanish from my account with more skill than Houdini) had gone on something of a good cause though – the many birthdays that I was celebrating during January (including my own). Several of my friends and I were due to have a joint birthday party in the local hangout/passive smoking room Buzz. But, at the final moment, disaster struck as one friend (who had been home in the US visiting his family) got stuck in Texas as his flight was delayed. Undeterred by this setback, Karen and I went ahead with our birthday party and it was a lot of fun. I got to catch up with people I had not seen in a while, have a great time and generally spend the first day of my holiday relaxing.

Great friends on a great night!

But what about your other friend, I hear you ask worried? Wasn’t he disappointed to not celebrate? Well, the next weekend we went out for his birthday (and also to see one of my friends perform with her band – a bloody good show it was too). This was similar to the previous week, with the addition of some random Austrian engineers (in town for work) and more tequila (never a good thing). Overall, it was a lot of fun and I am glad to have spent time celebrating with such wonderful people.

I will leave this post here for now (as it has gone on a little, hasn’t it?). Tune in soon for more updates on – How I spent a little too much in the Steam Sale, why I now have a 3DS AND how I spent several nights in smoke filled rooms, cursing random people on the internet with my two close friends.

Seriously, these guys are awesome.

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