K.F.C. – Korean Food Corner: The Fried Rice Experiment!

So, welcome to this first in what I hope is a series of food based posts by me. They will be a mixture of meals I cook at home and the many kinds of delicious foods that I eat when I am out with friends. When I lived in the UK, I loved cooking and counted it as probably the only productive hobby I had. I have finally begun cooking here in Korea over the last month or so and it is a lot of fun.

So, for this post I have decided to talk you through what I call the Fried Rice experiment. I have made this several times here but this time I also included egg in the recipe (for no other reason than I had them and they were going out of date).

I used
One pork cutlet
Six spring onions
Three red chillies
Half a pack of enoki mushrooms
Oyster Sauce
Pinch of salt, pepper and chilli powder
Three eggs (this was too much – I would suggest maybe one or two)
One mug of rice

1: I started by washing the starch off of my rice and leaving it to cook for 20 minutes in my rice cooker. Whilst this was cooking, I began chopping up my vegetables and meat. I thinly sliced the spring onion and chillies. For the mushrooms, I cut these into smaller chunks. I then chopped the chillies into smaller pieces.

2: I then sliced up my pork and seasoned it with a pinch of salt and pepper along with a light sprinkling of chilli powder.

3: By this time, my rice was almost done. I put around a teaspoon of olive oil into a frying pan and added my pork. I cooked it until it was a light brown on the outside over a medium heat.

4: I added my vegetables into the pan and fried them for around three minutes. I also turned off my rice cooker, as my rice was finished cooking.

5: I washed the rice off with boiling water and added it to the pan. After letting it sit for around twenty seconds, I added the oyster sauce and mixed it in. I used around a tablespoon of sauce. I did this over a low heat.

6: Finally, I broke three eggs over the rice and mixed these in. Here, I kept stirring all of the time to ensure the egg broke up properly. This thickened the whole dish and made it have a consistency similar to risotto but the sauce was thicker.

7: After letting it sit on a low heat for around three minutes, I served the meal. It was good (though perhaps too much for just one person). I seasoned the whole meal with some pepper. Next time, I will perhaps use less egg as I think the sauce was just a little too thick.

So there you go. My first food post. If you have any feedback on this at all, let me know. I am always looking to improve my blog and my writing (along with my cooking).

Check back for my next post soon, when I will tell you all about my weekend adventures in Seoul.

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