Monthly Archives: March 2014

Applying to EPIK #4 – The Interview.

So, you’ve applied to EPIK and heard back. You got an interview! Congratulations, you say to yourself. Until the pre-interview fear sets in. Well, hopefully this post is a little helpful at least. Now, it has been around twelve months since I had my interview. I don’t know if anything has changed, and having a […]

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“…for Hitler and Germanyyyy”. Wait, what? Spring has officially hit us here in Korea. It happened so damn fast that it confused the temperature apps on my phone. The result of all this madness is I am wearing a coat to school on a day the temperature looks set to rise to 18 or 20 […]

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Spring weather and good music

So, after teasing for the entire month of March, Spring has finally reached us here in Korea. In 7 days it went from hovering around the 1/2 degrees Celsius mark to being around 15 degrees Celsius today. It is crazy. Goodbye to my winter coats (I hope) and hello light jackets and finally being able […]

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