Spring weather and good music

So, after teasing for the entire month of March, Spring has finally reached us here in Korea. In 7 days it went from hovering around the 1/2 degrees Celsius mark to being around 15 degrees Celsius today. It is crazy. Goodbye to my winter coats (I hope) and hello light jackets and finally being able to do some touristy stuff. What kind of things, I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you.

1 – The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. I used to go to the Tate Modern a lot back home with my friend Rosie and haven’t been to an art gallery since we last went sometime last year (maybe summer?). I miss seeing art, and am interested to learn more about the contemporary Korean art scene.

2 – The DMZ. I wanted to do this as soon as I found out I was coming to Korea. I think it will be really interesting to visit the DMZ. I learnt about it at college/university a bit and am interested to see something I can’t really see anywhere else in the world. Plus, I sort of get to look at some North Korean hills. So yeah.

3 – National Museum of Korea. Always on lists of the best museums to visit in Seoul, this one has been on my list since October of last year. I have already visited a few museums in Seoul and this one, covering a large portion of Korean history with a great range of exhibitions and other things, looks amazing.

So, apart from rejoicing at the coming of Spring, what else have I been up to? Not a lot. Teaching, of course, takes up the majority of my time. Outside of this, I went for a St. Patrick Day meal thing at the weekend, and had chicken with some friends I don’t see very often. That was fun. Friday night I played 4 hours of Starbound with David which was a lot of fun. I have to make gaming nights a more regular thing. I have also been listening to a lot of great music from back home. Blur, Graham Coxon and a whole bunch of other things. There are really too many to list here. The final thing? Sort of planning what to do in New Zealand when I go visit Hayley and counting down until July when I can finally go.

Have an awesome start to your week. I shall (hopefully) post again soon.


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