“…for Hitler and Germanyyyy”. Wait, what? Spring has officially hit us here in Korea. It happened so damn fast that it confused the temperature apps on my phone. The result of all this madness is I am wearing a coat to school on a day the temperature looks set to rise to 18 or 20 degrees. Also, hay fever. Lots and lots of hay fever.

But I am glad Spring has hit us, finally. It means I can enjoy the temperature for a month before we start to move into the kind of heat and humidity that kills me. You may think, reading my blog, that I moan a lot about the weather. But I am British, meaning:

1) I am not happy unless I am moaning about something.

2) If I don’t moan about the weather at least three times a week, they take away my citizenship and won’t let me back in the country.

This weekend, I had a great time. Friday, I was going to play some games with David. Unfortunately, he has some nasty cold or flu bug, so that was off. We briefly played games on Saturday but he could only do an hour or so before he had to go rest. Instead, I spent much of Friday evening and Saturday (and a part of Sunday) Snapchatting my friend Hayley and her friend. And watching Horrible Histories on YouTube.

Saturday night I went out, which was fun. It was my first proper night out in a while and my first one since I started taking my new anti-depressants. This meant I wasn’t sure how much I could get away with drinking on them. The answer? Much less than I drunk Saturday night. I woke up Sunday in agony, with the worst hangover I have had in a long time. From now on, it will be one or two quiet beers for me at most.

Talking of my anti-depressants, currently they seem to not be working. I researched them on the internet and apparently, they might not work for around a third of all people. The doctor explained to me that he chose them because they have few side affects but if they don’t work the next time I go in (about 7 days or so) he will change them. I am also suffering with an awful bout of insomnia at the moment, which probably isn’t helping. But things are looking up. I have things to look forward to; the arrival of a new book in May that I have waited ages for; visiting Hayley in July; and hopefully resigning my contract.

I have decided to stay one more year here if they ask me to. I love my job and teaching my students. I am also using this as a chance to save up some money before I go settle back in the UK. It will be a little stranger as I have friends I have made here who aren’t planning to do a second year, so my friendship group will shrink somewhat.

Apart from the above, I have no news. So, enjoy the lovely weather. And Spring. I shall write again soon (possibly another Applying to EPIK post).


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