Applying to EPIK #4 – The Interview.

So, you’ve applied to EPIK and heard back. You got an interview! Congratulations, you say to yourself. Until the pre-interview fear sets in. Well, hopefully this post is a little helpful at least. Now, it has been around twelve months since I had my interview. I don’t know if anything has changed, and having a memory worse than a goldfish means I have forgotten the specific questions I was asked. But I can remember general points.

First, I would suggest you get to know your application well. Some of the first questions I remember being asked were about my application and sections of it (my personal essay and lesson plan for example). I would suggest printing out a copy and having it on hand that day. Highlight anything you may think is important so you don’t waste time shifting through countless pages during the interview.

Second, a lot of the questions I was asked were about general teaching situations. Things like classroom management (What would you do if your had a class that was misbehaving?) and teaching skills (I don’t really remember any specifics). Going onto Google and getting some ideas for this section is important. I was lucky that I had volunteered at a school back in the UK and already had some idea of these points. As well as this, I was asked the final question “What would I do if I had trouble with a co-worker?” I didn’t find any information on the internet regarding this question and I wasn’t really expecting it. My advice: say you would talk to them about it and try to resolve it that way. Korean culture is a lot about “saving face” and going over their would just serve to embarrass them.

Three, get the time of your interview right. I miscalculated the time of my interview by an hour. Luckily, I was ready an hour early and so it was not the end of the world. But a miscalculation the other way could cost you an interview spot.

Apart from this, I would suggest be yourself. EPIK recruits a wide range of different people and pretending to be something you are not will get you no where in the long run. Try not to panic and get a good night of sleep. And good luck.

Sorry the post is short (and not packed with information) but I hope it helps.


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