North Korea…

So, over these past two weeks, North Korea seems to have been in the news a lot. Last week, they tested two new missiles. This week, they managed to shell South Korean waters in a military exercise. Luckily, South Korea responded in a completely rational way and did nothing that reminded me of Caligula. Oh, wait. No. They then proceeded to shell North Korean waters, because war.

Despite the way Western media tends to react, nothing has really changed. My boys are still concerned with their League of Legends rank or moaning about their lives (today, they complained that the food on their camping trip was awful). Living here (and this might be to do with the fact I don’t get as much news, not understanding Korean and all), I actually worry less about North Korea. My co-teachers still complain about all the work they have to do and how tired they are. And me? I still complain about the weather.

So don’t worry, dear readers. I shall continue blogging and boring you (for now at least). Just wanted to weigh in/assure you I didn’t die or get kidnapped to be Kim Jong-Un’s new Dennis Rodman.


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