So, here we are again…

With me starting off a blog post by apologising for not having written one for around two months now. It isn’t that I don’t want to, but read below and you will find out why I haven’t.

1. – Pills!

So, anyone that has read this blog/is in my family/friendship group will know that I am currently battling some mental health problems (severe biological depression, anxiety and insomnia). As a result, I am currently taking a cocktail of pills (eleven a day at the moment) to battle this. I take an anti-depressant twice a day, two types of anti-anxiety medication twice a day, a tranquiliser once a day, an anti-nausea tablet twice a day, and three kinds of mood stabliser (one twice a day, two once a day). As a result, I seem to be spending much of my time sort of…high or too drained to do anything.

2. – Socialising!

I have actually been pretty busy with friends recently. I have attended a local music festival (Live From The Moon…I think it was called that…), a fundraiser for the Sewol Ferry disaster where I was in a man auction (I sold for like…$50 or something). I have been eating out, getting coffee and going shopping. It has been great, but means I have had little time. On top of this, I Skype Hayley nearly everyday now. So my spare hours are normally spent recovering from all the damn pills I take.

3. – I am lazy and tend to forget about this. Explains itself really.

But in the next few weeks, I am going to Caribbean Bay (a water park) so expect something to do with that!