Caribbean Bay, Cat Café and plans for the 4th July…

So, I have not updated for a while. But today, that changes. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this post is I have actually been doing things to blog about.

First of all, I went to Caribbean Bay and Everland with my friends a few weeks ago. And it was amazing. For those that do not know, Caribbean Bay is a water park and Everland is a theme park (both owned by Samsung I think). We managed to ride two things at Caribbean Bay. The Aqua Loop, which is amazing, and the Boomerang. I also spent a while lazing on the Lazy River with my friends. At Everland, we also rode two things. I forget what the first one was called, but the second was the T-Express. That was the most amazing and terrifying ride I have ever been on. The drops are insane.
Apart from this, I went to a local cat café which was good fun. I spent about an hour petting some cats before we left because my friends have allergies. I have since been back, but it was a lot busier then and I didn’t really pet any cats. They were sort of freaked out by some young kids.
For the 4th of July, some of my American friends have invited me to celebrate with them. We will be doing it a week late though, as one of them is being made to go on a school trip this Saturday. I am pretty excited about it. Being a Brit means I have never actually celebrated it before and it should be good fun. Plus, I’ll do my best to tease them about being American because Britain.
Anyway, that is about all I have to update you on now. I am basically spending my time counting down. It is now under a month until I go to visit Hayley and I am super excited about it. 27 days and counting.