Monthly Archives: October 2014

Boeun Jujube Festival

So, this past weekend saw me, Marta and my amazing friend Jess hit up Boeun Jujube Festival for Jess’ birthday celebrations. For those who don’t know, this festival is famous all over Korea. It is advertised in Seoul and widely across the country. Tour buses amble in and out all day, bringing hoards of excited and […]

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Ulleungdo, Dokdo and Typhoons

Fellow travellers. Family. Weirdos of the internet. I invite you to pull up a pew as I merrily take up your time with my tales of Ulleungdo and Dokdo, a business trip I was lucky enough to go on back in September. The trip itself started off reasonably well. Apart from Claire. Claire was super […]

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This past weekend, I spent my time in rooms pulsating with lights, music and people. I saw groups I didn’t know, groups I did and things I wish I hadn’t seen. I laughed, I moaned, I ate, drank and did my best impression of someone having a great time dancing. It was fantastic For those […]

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