This past weekend, I spent my time in rooms pulsating with lights, music and people. I saw groups I didn’t know, groups I did and things I wish I hadn’t seen. I laughed, I moaned, I ate, drank and did my best impression of someone having a great time dancing. It was fantastic

For those whose curiosity I have sparked, I attended Global Gathering Korea this past weekend, which is a large-scale electronic music festival. And it was a fantastic attack on my senses and several things that I thought about myself.


At Global Gathering Korea.

 So, I was lucky enough to see several amazing acts. The first of these was Scarnite. Although the festival was fairly empty at this point, many people choosing not to arrive until later, Scarnite still played an absolutely amazing set. If you are in Korea and get the chance to go and see him play, I would recommend that you do. Next up was Peach Ade (one of only a few female acts for the whole festival) at the Bunker Stage. Located under the stands, in what felt like a rather dank parking garage, the Bunker Stage was probably my favourite place to spend time at the festival. It was cool, being underground, never too busy and for most of the night, played some brilliant music. Peach Ade played an amazing set, and again I would suggest going to see her if you get the chance.

Peace Ade playing in the Bunker Stage.

Next up, I saw Idiotape. These are an amazing Korean group, with two DJs and a drummer. They played what I would describe as the closest thing I heard to electronica all night. This is the right time to offer a fair warning – much of the music played at GGK was EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and not electronica. I was expecting a little more variety but was not disappointed. However, if you like electronica much more, it might be a less satisfactory experience. After this, I had to remove myself from the crowd for a while. Mental illness can really spoil even the best of times. I spent the next 4 or so hours drifting between the Main stage and the Bunker. The best thing to come of this was this photograph of people having an amazing time underground.

People enjoying the Bunker.

The final act that I saw was Axwell ^ Ingrosso. They were absolutely amazing, and even though I only saw a part of their set, I can confirm they were the best act of the night. They had the crowd pumped (myself included) and just had one great track after another. For those who do not know, Axwell ^ Ingrosso are two-thirds of Swedish House Mafia. Again, I would say that if you have a chance you should go and see them play.

After this, Marta and I called it a night. The festival was over, so we jumped on a train to Hongdae in Seoul and made headway for Taco Bell. After about 30 minutes of walking (my sense of direction got us there in the end), we arrived and it was great. We then realised our error in not booking anywhere to stay and ended up sleeping at the bus terminal until 5am, when we were rudely awoken by the security guards. Grabbing the first bus back to Cheongju, we ended what was an amazing weekend.


I will write again soon.


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