Ulleungdo, Dokdo and Typhoons

Fellow travellers. Family. Weirdos of the internet. I invite you to pull up a pew as I merrily take up your time with my tales of Ulleungdo and Dokdo, a business trip I was lucky enough to go on back in September.

The trip itself started off reasonably well. Apart from Claire. Claire was super late for the bus. Unfortunately, she had been ill the day before and had not slept well. Apart from this minor bump in the road, the journey itself was pretty boring. We sat on a bus, and most of us slept as we had been dragged out of bed at the awful and early hour of 4am.

The first day was spent attending lectures, and things like that, so I shan’t bore you with the details here. If you find yourself gripped with madness, and the desire to learn more about sitting in a room and doing uncomfortable self-introductions then send me a message or comment and I will respond. We departed for Ullengdo the following day.

For those that don’t know, Ulleungdo is a small island in the East Sea, about an hour and a half from the Korean mainland. The sister island, Dokdo, is a very small piece of rock about an hour and half from Ulleungdo.

This trip was an amazing Dokdo, historically, has belonged to Korea (Japan even acknowledged this in the 17th Century). Whilst there, I got to learn the history of the island and the dispute. It is interesting and I suggest to anyone on EPIK that, if you get the chance to go, go on the business trip there. It is worth it.

I also made new, awesomely nerdy friends there. We drank. We did not sing. We bonded over mutual love of Harry Potter. Actually, we plan to start having game nights (including D&D and Cards Against Humanity) and hang out on a regular basis. I think this will be good for me, as I haven’t really had the chance to nerd out properly since I left my best friend John back in the UK. I miss hanging out with him and this is as close as I can get whilst being here.

We also got stuck on the island for two extra days because of a typhoon, meaning I had no school. It was pretty awesome and I got to know the other people on the trip better as a result though. Best of all, I got to go and see some amazing sights on the island, such as a waterfall and a mountain view. Although most people thought our trip was going to be uneventful, it ended with amazing joy at finding pizza. Actual pizza. Not the sweet Korean crap that you get most places.

This is a new post about an old trip, so it might be vague on details.

Stay positive.


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