Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Or how winter has hit)

So, we are now about a week into December. Throughout November we enjoyed surprisingly mild weather. Some days even got up to the around 15 Celsius. I remember days when I didn’t need a jacket (and sometimes even a sweater would mean I was hot). Then December 1st hit and we immediately saw the temperature drop down to around 0 Celsius. Not only this, but we also got a lot of snow. And by that I mean a lot of a Southern British man. My girlfriend from Canada assures me it is actually not a lot of snow.

20141202_113225 (EDIT)
The reality of the snow. Rooftops of Cheongju, December 2014.

In all seriousness, I am actually enjoying the snow. Growing up in the South of England meant I didn’t really see any snow until I was about 16 years old and the only blizzard I experienced was during early January 2013. We Brits don’t react well to weather of any extreme. We see maybe an inch of snow and our reaction is “Quick. Shut everything. No one go outside. Son, we need you to go to the store. Buy everything you can. We might be stuck in here days. I mean, just look at it!”

This (over)reaction is something I find myself missing here in Korea. Largely because it means that instead of work, you get to go play in the snow all day.

Street Scene, Cheongju, December 2014
Street Scene, Cheongju, December 2014
Persimmon tree in the snow, Cheongju, December 2014
Persimmon tree in the snow, Cheongju, December 2014

Oh, and today I found out some of the kids in my First Grade class locked a student in the cleaning locker for the entire class. I feel sorry for him, as no one told me he was in there at all. My co-teacher and I only found out after the class ended and he was let out.

Apart from this I have not been up to a lot really. I got an amazing Christmas parcel from home. I am not sure what about 90% of it is as I am saving it for Christmas Day. But the box did contain more marmite and Jammy Dodgers. Makes me feel like I am at home.

Really, my life here is quite the same as it was back home. Expect more thrilling updates later this week.

Stay classy,


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