Fruit, Glorious Fruit (Or You Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone)

So, in my effort to update this blog much more often than I have been, I am going to start enthralling you all with the daily details of life in Korea. Yesterday, I wrote about the traditional British go-to topic – weather. Today, my friends, it gets even more seat-grippingly, pants shittingly exciting. Yes. I am going to talk about fruit.

Now, for many living outside Korea, this is not a particularly exciting topic. “Big deal”, I hear you cry, “I see fruit all the time and it isn’t worthy of a blog post.” Well, stick with me friends and you shall be rewarded with some (hopefully) interesting information. Now, before moving to Korea I had heard about the crazy prices for certain fruits here. Mangoes and melons seemed to be big offenders. Well, being the arrogant son-of-a-gun that I am, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad and even if it was, I wouldn’t miss fruit. And for the first few months I didn’t. But soon, a craving for fruit (and not getting scurvy) kicked in. And I went out on a search for food. To my horror, I found a mango for around $30. The shock of this being a reality damn near killed me. However, don’t fear, for on the same trip I manged to find a packet of twenty bananas for around $4.

Well, this past weekend Marta and I decided to go on an excursion to the grocery store like responsible adults. Immediately upon entering the store, we were granted by a holy grail of affordable fruits!

We found grapefruit for ₩1, 500 from Florida.

Florida grapefruit (Courtesy of Marta)

Dragon Fruit for only ₩1, 500. It was my first time eating it and it was bloody amazing!

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit (Courtesy of Marta)

And…bana…pples? Banapples were a weird fruit that Marta found in the store and curiosity (plus a price of ₩1, 450) got the better of us. It was a strange fruit. It looked like a banana but the skin on the outside was velvety and soft. The inside looked and had the texture of a banana but the taste of an apple and something…I haven’t worked out the something yet.

Banapple (Courtesy of Marta)
Banapple (Courtesy of Marta)

I think this post has (hopefully) shown that not all fruit here is expensive. Also, that I am secretly a very old person, as I get excited about low fruit prices.

I stole all the pictures from Marta’s blog over at Down From The Door. Check it out. It is tons better than mine!

See you soon, dear reader.


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