Medical Mishaps (Or How I Spent My Morning At The Hospital)

Yesterday was a dark day in my world. It was the time of year when every teacher in Korea has to go and get a medical examination to ensure that we don’t do drugs, have STDs and generally aren’t about to fall down dead. Now, I had a medical done less than six months ago so I could re-sign my contract with EPIK. But in the world of Korean bureaucracy, this doesn’t matter. Unless you have both exams done on the same day, they expect you to undertake this exam again.

The morning started off rather well. A nice walk with Marta to the hospital. We even managed to make it there earlier than my co-teacher (who had the lucky task of helping us with all the Korean). But then, disaster struck. Marta could not find her purse, which had her ARC (Alien Registration Card) in it. Despite her running back to my place and tearing it apart, it was not to be found. Luckily, her hero in the form of her co-teacher valiantly rode in and messaged her the ARC number she needed. After filling out countless forms, it was time for the tests to begin. First, they begin by measuring your height, weight and chest. Why they do this, I have no idea. Maybe there is some mysterious shrinking disease I don’t know about.

After this, the worst ordeal of the day – blood tests. Now, those of you who know me will know that I do not get on well with needles of any kind.They make me nauseous, dizzy and generally panicked – today was no exception. I am just thankful I had Marta there to make sure I was distracted or I may have ended up passing out.


We then had to go and pee into cups. This part is fairly self-explanatory so I shall move on. The last part of the test was a simple chest X-Ray. But by this point, my co-teacher had had to return to school, and Marta and I were left confused and alone in a corridor after the X-Rays for about five minutes. Overall, it was a not a great experience (even rather pointless, if you ask me).

I shall write again soon!


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