It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Or How I Am Occupying My Kids After Finals)

This last week has seen my First and Second Grade students completing their final exams. Cue stress on their part, stress on the part of all my co-teachers and me being left to desk-warm. Now, instead of waste all of my time at my desk reading (which is not a waste of time, ever) or watching movies I actually managed to get my winter camp planned. Then I read, drew and did a number of other things.

The problem then arose of what to do with a bunch of teenage boys, one week before Christmas, with no attention spans. My answer? Christmas movies. This year I have opted for the classic Home Alone 2. It was a movie I remember watching several times during my childhood, something the boys seem genuinely interested in and something I can enjoy (at least for the first five or so times I watch the beginning.

The weather here has also taken a sharp drop in the past few days. We seem to average about -7 Celsius at the moment. This means, naturally, my school has decided to turn the heating down. This means that my boys, my colleagues and me are all freezing all of the time. There is always a teacher in my office in front of the one heater it has. My hands are actually so cold, typing this is a struggle.

#school life

My Third Grade boys also have their High School Entrance exams tomorrow. One of my co-teachers told me that because of these, today we will be (and in fact did) eat rice cake with red bean in and flour on the outside. It is believed they bring the students good luck to pass the test. This comes from their sticky texture, which in Korean, can also mean pass the test (or something like that). You learn something new everyday.

Apart from this, it is life as normal here. Getting ready for Christmas. I finished shopping for Marta last night. I just need to finish wrapping her presents and I am done.

I will write again soon, for this weekend I have a Temple Stay. I will enchant you with tales of that in a later post.


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