Weekend in Wonju (Or How We Spent $40 On A Claw Machine)

This past weekend, Marta and I traveled to Wonju to visit Marta’s best friend Andrea and her boyfriend Scott. As I had school on the Friday, we were not able to leave until around 6:15pm. But we didn’t let this dampen our spirits. Before we knew it, the bus journey was over and we had arrived. We met Scott and Andrea and immediately headed for dinner. We went to a restaurant describing itself as “Family Fusion”. Now, I am not sure what this is but we all had amazing meals. Everyone but me opted for delicious looking pasta dishes. I decided to have a pizza, which was amazing. I really enjoyed it.

After this, we dropped Scott off at his place (he had work the next morning) and headed to Andrea’s house. Once here, we spent the rest of the evening (around two hours) drinking some beer and playing Dante’s Inferno (which I enjoyed and would suggest to everyone). I woke up early the next day but it did not matter as we were all awake by 10am. We had a truly wonderful breakfast of breakfast burritos. It was delicious, even if mine did fall apart before I could eat it properly. After breakfast, we all decided to smoke some shisha (watermelon flavour) and spend time blowing smoke bubbles. Then, Scott arrived and we went to explore the local area for claw machines. We went to one that Scott and Andrea frequent near a local pizza place. We spent around $40 and won three things (a Pikachu, some kind of an alien and a pig dressed as a rabbit).

In the evening, we went for dinner again. We had chicken in a soy sauce with noodles. And then it was time for the event I was most excited for – the final part of The Hobbit. Now, I know that Andrea and Marta (along with other friends who were not there) didn’t like the movie. I am not saying it is the best movie I have ever seen but I have certainly see worse. I enjoyed it, partly because it was a part of my childhood and I remember talking to my Dad about it when I was a kid. I would suggest that people go and see it. It was reasonably well done. A little too much CGI but otherwise, not awful.

We then went to a bar, where Marta and I saw our energy levels crash. But they were perked up by some lasagna and a round of Cards Against Humanity. After this, we went back to Andrea’s and slept. Sunday was a lazy day, spent in bed and eating copious amounts of cheese before we headed back to Cheongju. The whole weekend was fantastic and I look forward to doing it again soon.


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