First Official Post Of The New Year (Or How I Am Finally Doing Something Useful)

So, once again I must begin by apologising for not posting regularly to this blog. If you have seen any of my previous posts, you will know the past week or so has been a pretty turbulent time in my life. To sum it up, I got food poisoning and then one of my best friends was in a bus accident. This means I have spent much of my spare time in the last week visiting her and making sure she is OK. Luckily, she is now doing much better and this means I have some spare time to post.

But, I hear you ask with anticipation, what else have you been doing? Well, I started my winter camp last week. This year I themed it around Harry Potter. I am not sure how into it my students are (they seem to switch between utter disinterest to intense rivalry and excitement) but I am loving it. So far, we have done Transfiguration, Defence Against The Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic. Origami was one of my most popular activities and on Monday, my boys are going to finish making unicorns. I also do a teacher’s camp, in which we read articles from Breaking News ESL and discuss the issues involved. We have covered everything from economics to religion so far and my co-teachers seem to really enjoy it.

I have also returned to my first true love – the Mod movement. I assume most people don’t know what this is but basically it was a youth subculture in the 1960s in Britain. I first got into it when I was 16 years old but have spent the last year or so drifting backwards and forwards from it. I am not sure what it was – nostalgia, a feeling of belonging or just the fact that Mod is one of the best things to ever happen to the world but currently I am absolutely fascinated by it again. It is nice to feel passionate about an interest. I feel my life has lacked this recently.

Anyway, that is it from me this time. For further reading on Mods, check out Wikipedia or Both of these should satisfy any curiosity you have.

I will write again soon.


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