Happy Birthday To Me (Or Turning 24 In Korea)

A strange thing happened to me when I moved to Korea. I lost my entire early 20’s. How, you ask? Well, dear reader, I shall tell you!

Age in Korea is worked out a little differently to in the West. You are already 1 when you are born, so everyone here is “one year older” than in the West. So, when I moved here I was already 23, turning 24. Today, in Korean age, I turn 25 and officially hit my mid-20s. Back in the West, I am almost there anyway as I turn 24.

So, what am I expecting for my birthday? I got some nice clothing from my family and my girlfriend. And some money, most of which will be spent on new clothing for my wardrobe (which is in need of an update).

I have camp later but am also off out for an amazing meal with some of my closest friends and Marta, of course. I can’t wait. You should always spend your birthday with those you love, and in the obvious absence of family, friends are the next and most amazing of choices.

I have also been thinking more about the future and where it might take me. The front runner at the moment is New Zealand. If I have any readers from there, and you want to offer me some advice on what I can do or where is a great place to live, let me know. Christchurch or Wellington are topping the list at the moment.

That is all I have to say for now. I shall post again soon.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me (Or Turning 24 In Korea)

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m hoping to teach English in Korea later this year and stumbled upon your blog while researching. I’m from New Zealand… how about we just swap places? 😛

    1. Do you know where in Korea you are heading yet? 🙂 Chungbuk is a lovely province, if you don’t mind being away from the ocean.

      Where in New Zealand are you from?

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