New Banner (Or How I Spent My Afternoon On Photoshop)

Today was the final day of my camp. My students loved the Harry Potter theme (and loved the prize of candy for the winning house even more). It also marks the end of my conversation camp with my co-teachers. I am actually going to miss this quite a lot, even if conversation does normally leave me feeling drained. It was nice to get to know them better (especially after a year and a half) and I feel that we are much closer than when we begun the camp last week.

Now I will spend my weekend relaxing, and playing with Photoshop. Talking of Photoshop, this afternoon I designed a new banner for my site. I tried to theme it around travel and ended up on the idea of stamps. Using Photoshop, along with some tutorials I found online I was able to create the banner you now see above this. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

Sorry for a short post but I am tired. I shall write again soon, so fear not!


2 thoughts on “New Banner (Or How I Spent My Afternoon On Photoshop)

  1. This is the first time I fall upon your blog. A happy belated birthday BTW. Hope you enjoyed thyself. Ahh I remember being 24 once. It was xciting times, full of adventures. Hope it’s the same for you, though I can guess it’s quite the adventure being where you are presently.
    I like the banner with the stamp and the notation referring to a piece of music (good choice). Quite bold and transparent enough to see the photo anchored behind. It has a passport significance and once I can relate to from my experiences as a teen visiting different countriy pavillions in 1967 with a passport booklet. “Where do I get stamped”?

    1. It is quite the adventure being here, though perhaps not the one I imagined when I first moved a year and a half ago. Being 24 is rather odd. As I mentioned, I missed out on my early twenties by moving here. Plus, I have always been an old man at heart.

      I am glad you like the banner. I was a little worried about it but I had been thinking about making it for a while. I think it turned out quite well!

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