Failing At My New Years Resolutions (Or How I Am Going To Come Up With Some Better Ones)

Well, three weeks into January and I am already failing rather spectacularly with the resolutions I set myself a few weeks back. I have (as the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed) not been posting five times a week on this blog. I have not been out using my camera. In fact, all I have really been doing is festering in a stinking bog of self-pity and boredom. That is slowly changing, though. I might go out tomorrow morning with my camera to get some new pictures for the blog and my photography page. On top of this my New Years Resolution v2.0 (Part 1) is going to be to write on the blog three times a week. I think going from nothing to five was me being optimistic at best, and slightly insane at worse. Three times seems manageable and it will give me time to go on adventures to entertain you all with.

Second, I have been working more on my art work. Even though I don’t think it is great (yet), it is coming along in leaps and bounds. Below are the latest images I have drawn. They are all in ink and then digitally painted using Photoshop.

Frog Seal, OrcaOctopusNot the greatest works of art you will ever see, but something I am proud of,

As I mentioned above I am going to go and take more pictures and go on more adventures this year. I am not sure I will be in Korea for much more than the next twelve months (less if they cut my job), and I really want to go out and see the country in a way I haven’t been able to before. I came here with wanderlust and adventure in my heart and have done nothing to fulfill those ambitions. Perhaps it is why I have been soaking in self pity for the past month or so.

Finally, I am going to write more poetry. My great-grandfather was a published poet and an accomplished traveler. I hope to, one day, be like him and have my own book of poetry published. But I won’t get there by not writing things. So I aim to produce at least a poem a week. Hopefully, I will write more than this though.

I want you guys (whoever is reading this) to make sure I stay on track with these tasks. Harass me. Make sure I do it. Because I let myself off far too easily.

I shall write again soon, dear readers!


2 thoughts on “Failing At My New Years Resolutions (Or How I Am Going To Come Up With Some Better Ones)

  1. I will do my best to harass you to write and draw and use your camera and continue to Photoshop.
    p.s. my personal favorite is the frog on the lilly pad ( only because i have been given many different frog momentoes). May I have permission to print this one?

    1. Thank you very much! 😀 I think I need it. One of my biggest flaws is a lack of self-motivation.

      And of course! I am just happy someone likes it 🙂

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