Winter Vacation Is Almost Over (Or Where Did The Month of January Go?)

The more informed among you may have guessed that the winter vacation here in Korea is almost over. Next Monday, children and teachers will (begrudgingly) go back for the two week “final semester/graduation/movie time” (depending on where you work). As Marta and I could not get vacation dates off at the same time for January, for us it marks almost two weeks until we go on holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia. And we are getting excited about it. We have (finally) begun planning what we are going to do – food, clothes (tailoring, specifically) and general sight seeing. It will be fantastic!

Back home, I am aware that winter vacation has been over for almost a month. But in Korea, this is the longer of the two breaks students get. It lasts from the end of December until (basically) March. Students are not in their next school grade until March and tend to have as much enthusiasm as a sarcastically clapping Joker.

My kids, for the next few weeks.

What else have I been up to, you ask? Well, I celebrated my birthday with good friends. Karen and I continued the trend of getting socks for one and other. I found her a very ugly pair that I think are a fish or something. I also went bowling last week and I was awful at it. It was, perhaps, only the tenth time I have ever been though. So I guess I still got time to improve. I have been playing some video games. My friend Stephen and I have been on H151. It is pretty good, though limited in what you can do because it is so in early alpha. Apart from this, I find that January has slipped away into the arms of the past and the future is speeding at me like a train.

Until next time, friends!


One thought on “Winter Vacation Is Almost Over (Or Where Did The Month of January Go?)

  1. Personally I always preferred the BIG school breaks in the summer. SO much stuff to do outdoors. In winter you go out doors for a few (nowadays) hours then come back in for hot chocholate or soup and veg. When I used to be a kid it was like hours outside in the winter. And now the days without sun are soooo long, no wonder I stay indoors and veg and look out the window at darkness and think about what I would do in the summer with all that sunshine till past 9p.m.
    Don’t forget to pack 2 sets of clothes. One set till you get them so damp from the humidity the other to change into dry clothes till the first ones dry off;(heh) and back and forth. And bring a rope to hang the one set till dry(heh).
    Ah bowling. have done so much of it in my youth. Small pins mostly. I can’t believe I used to watch bowling tournaments on TV (B&W) big black balls hitting tall slender white pins thrown by guys with white monogrammed short sleeved shirts and super short haircuts. And a play by play announcer (in french). Yeah I had an exciting swell childhood.
    Ghod this is getting to be a long response, sorry, this is getting too personal (HEH).

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