An Exhausting First Week (Or How We Are Back At School)

This week marked the start of the new semester in Korea. For teachers, this means many things. New students to teach. New faces to remember. New names to learn. I excel at almost none of these. I can teach, but my memory for names and faces is terrible. If I were describing someone from a crime I’d witnessed, police would be on the lookout for a shortish but tall black Caucasian individual with hair and possibly glasses. Most certainly, they would have a face. I think you get my point.

Anyway, this first week back has been marked by the (traditional) lack of organisation at my school. I have yet to receive my set schedule and have taught only one third of my classes this week. But it has been exciting to meet my new first grade boys (all of whom seem enthusiastic about learning English – I give that attitude two weeks, max). I also found out that I have a new co-teacher. She seems very nice and this is her first teaching job since finishing studying at University. I can’t help but feel she has jumped in at the deep end by starting at an all boys middle school. But, she teaches first grade (who are normally the most well behaved of the bunch) and  my seems to be coping with it all extremely well.

Apart from this, I have been busy sorting out my second blog (a men’s style blog) and editing some photos from Vietnam and Cambodia (expect this next week).

I will write again soon,


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