A Break From My Vacation Posts (Or Where Was Wednesday?)

So, as you may have noticed, I failed to post anything yesterday. I assure you, dear reader, that this is because I am busy as hell. I am currently in the process of settling back in at school (new classes and co-teachers), hearing one of the co’s I had is leaving and an old one is coming back, learning names and other teaching things. On top of this, I am in charge of interviewing 4 students from my school for a home stay programme is Australia. This has required me to come up with a scoring system and a series of questions to ask them. The interviews themselves are today.

In my time at home, I have been busy preparing to apply for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa. I will cover this in more detail in an upcoming post. But it has required a lot of work and document gathering on my part, as well as getting things from back home sent to me out here (proof of address for a criminal record check, for example). This, combined with school and running my other blog (The Birth Of The Cool), has left me pretty exhausted. What little free time I have has been invested into cooking, showing Marta Goodnight Sweetheart (a great TV series) and playing on the closed beta of Heroes of the Storm.

Normal posting should resume this weekend, or early next week. Sorry to delay you all from tales of my wonderful adventures.


One thought on “A Break From My Vacation Posts (Or Where Was Wednesday?)

  1. Hey dude, life is a full time job so no worries. Post when you can; AND DON’T FEEL THE GUILT.
    Considering that you post at all is a pleasure we enjoy.

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