Going To The Cinema In Korea (Or Shut Up And Take My Money)


I suppose you might think this a strange subject for me to write about. And it probably is. I mean, after all, who is interested in my trips to the cinema in Korea? Well, hopefully, some people out there are because going to the cinema here is quite the experience.

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A Personal Note…

So, I just want to say sorry to anyone who is reading this blog and is wondering where my Thursday post is. I am currently working through some personal issues and they have resulted in me being unable to keep to my schedule. I am off to a doctor tomorrow though, so expect normal service from next week.

Have a great weekend.


Living In A Smaller City: The Charms And Flaws of Cheongju.

So, I have been struggling to come up with a topic for today’s post all weekend. And then I realised that not many people talk about  living here in Korean cities. Even if they do, it is often Seoul-based. There is nothing wrong with this but Seoul is different from the rest of Korea (much more forward thinking, much more to do and easier access to ‘Western things’). I live in one of the smaller regional capital cities in Korea (Cheongju, the capital of the Chungbuk province) and I am going to write a short post on what that is like.

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Eating In The Hermit Kingdom: My Top Five Korean Foods You Should Try

From Visit Korea
From Visit Korea

So, you are heading to Korea. Naturally, you’ll be eating Korean food. But, after a few weeks, when the thrill of Korean barbecue has worn off, you might not know what to order. Today’s article is here to help. I am going to detail my top five Korean foods. From the humble kimbap to amazing dak galbi, join me on a culinary adventure through the Hermit Kingdom.

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Korean Life: Living On A Budget In Korea

I have to live on how much?
I have to live on how much?

Until recently, I had been spending (or wasting) a lot of my disposable income on…well, many things. Clothes, video games and expensive foods to name but a few. Now, however, I am on a strict budget as I am saving for my (hopeful) working visa break in Canada. But living on a strict budget has proved harder than I thought. Perhaps because I am trying to eat well at the same time. But my article today is going to cover some basic tips for living on a budget in Korea.

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MERS Attacks

MERS AttacksSo, unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about the current situation here in Korea to do with MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). Seemingly being portrayed as an epidemic of grand proportions by the media, today I am going to tell you the facts.

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Challenging Korean Stereotypes: Teaching My Boys About Racism (Part Two)

So, on Tuesday I posted up a series of images that I had taken in a class I was teaching my third grade. The class was about racism and stereotyping. I was worried this would be a pretty boring subject for my boys, but they seemed to really get into it, especially after I was telling them about the Korean stereotypes I had heard before I came here.

I can’t eat dog (He meant I don’t eat dog).

My lesson started by introducing the idea of stereotypes to my students – what they were and why they existed. I then showed them some examples of negative stereotypes for Africans, Jewish people and Asians. After discussing some offensive stereotypes for each (for example, blackface and why it is wrong), I showed them a slide detailing some of the Korean stereotypes I had heard of. Before I came to Korea, I told them that I had heard things like “All Korean’s eat kimchi all the time” and “Korean’s all eat dog”. These made my boys laugh – but when I asked them “Is all this true?”, they (of course) said no. I told them that the same was true of all the stereotypes that we had seen.

I have big eyes

Next, I moved on to racism. What it is, and gave some examples of racism (I used the KKK for that). I taught them all about racial slurs, and words that were not acceptable to say by comparing racial slurs for Africans to racial slurs for Koreans. They seemed to grip this pretty well.

I don’t like spicy food

For an activity, I got them to write one thing on a piece of paper that breaks a Korean stereotypes. The result was my previous blog post


If you want my lesson PPT from this class, leave a comment or message me and we can sort it out