Monthly Archives: June 2015

Going To The Cinema In Korea (Or Shut Up And Take My Money)

I suppose you might think this a strange subject for me to write about. And it probably is. I mean, after all, who is interested in my trips to the cinema in Korea? Well, hopefully, some people out there are because going to the cinema here is quite the experience.

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A Personal Note…

So, I just want to say sorry to anyone who is reading this blog and is wondering where my Thursday post is. I am currently working through some personal issues and they have resulted in me being unable to keep to my schedule. I am off to a doctor tomorrow though, so expect normal service […]

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Living In A Smaller City: The Charms And Flaws of Cheongju.

So, I have been struggling to come up with a topic for today’s post all weekend. And then I realised that not many people talk about ¬†living here in Korean cities. Even if they do, it is often Seoul-based. There is nothing wrong with this but Seoul is different from the rest of Korea (much […]

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