Challenging Korean Stereotypes: Teaching My Boys About Racism (Part Two)

So, on Tuesday I posted up a series of images that I had taken in a class I was teaching my third grade. The class was about racism and stereotyping. I was worried this would be a pretty boring subject for my boys, but they seemed to really get into it, especially after I was telling them about the Korean stereotypes I had heard before I came here.

I can’t eat dog (He meant I don’t eat dog).

My lesson started by introducing the idea of stereotypes to my students – what they were and why they existed. I then showed them some examples of negative stereotypes for Africans, Jewish people and Asians. After discussing some offensive stereotypes for each (for example, blackface and why it is wrong), I showed them a slide detailing some of the Korean stereotypes I had heard of. Before I came to Korea, I told them that I had heard things like “All Korean’s eat kimchi all the time” and “Korean’s all eat dog”. These made my boys laugh – but when I asked them “Is all this true?”, they (of course) said no. I told them that the same was true of all the stereotypes that we had seen.

I have big eyes

Next, I moved on to racism. What it is, and gave some examples of racism (I used the KKK for that). I taught them all about racial slurs, and words that were not acceptable to say by comparing racial slurs for Africans to racial slurs for Koreans. They seemed to grip this pretty well.

I don’t like spicy food

For an activity, I got them to write one thing on a piece of paper that breaks a Korean stereotypes. The result was my previous blog post


If you want my lesson PPT from this class, leave a comment or message me and we can sort it out

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