The Travel Itch: Trying To Re-Create The Travel Buzz Back Home

So, any of you reading my recent posts will know that I was bitten by the travel bug pretty bad. And before you panic and head for the door, I am not about to bore you with another post saying as much. No, what I have chosen to write about today is trying to re-create that feeling back home. To try and and feel that intoxicating buzz that is travel.

We all return home for different reasons. Friends. Family. School. But being a traveler never leaves you. Below are three tips for feeling like a traveler when you are back at home!


Travel In Your Country

The easiest way to get that feeling back is to travel. I don’t mean jetting off to some exotic locale but travelling in your own country which can be just as exciting and rewarding. Back in January, I took a trip to London for a few days and it is one of the few times since I have been home I felt the buzz of travel again. So go on. Get out there and see the country you come from. If you are anything like me, then you’ve barely scratched the surface of it and there is a whole world of treasures for you to find.


Travel In Your Local Area

So, I know that for a lot of us travelling in our own country is expensive and not feasible (especially if you are working – you can hardly just pick up and leave town for a few days). What is more doable is travelling in the local area. You’d be surprised at the amount of things to do near your hometown. I know I was. Recently, I took a trip to Battle Abbey (a place I’d never been despite living near it for most of my life) and had a fantastic day out. There will be tons of fun things to do close by, so you can still (hopefully) get that travel buzz!

Blog New Town One

Explore Your Hometown

Now, my hometown has changed an awful lot since I left. And since coming back, I have had a fantastic time exploring it and seeing everything it has to offer. It is like seeing it through fresh eyes. From new restaurants to doing the local ‘tourist’ things, I have been seeing a lot of my town since I got back. And I have come to realise that there is a lot I miss out on by not exploring it and trying new places. So go out, explore your town. Find that little café that you can rave about or try that new restaurant you have heard so much about. It is these little experiences that make travel so rewarding in the first place.

So there you have it, folks. My three tips for trying to inject a little of the travel magic back into your life when you are at home. Let me know if you have any I missed out!


One thought on “The Travel Itch: Trying To Re-Create The Travel Buzz Back Home

  1. Excellent. That is exactly how I approached my life when I returned from travelling. In the beginning I went into shock and didn’t fit into any world…neither foreign nor familiar. Eventually, after going away and coming back again a few times, and then not being able to get away on bigger journeys, I realized there were so many tourists coming to my part of the world as a Thing To Do. I decided to apply the same travel and photography skills I’d used elsewhere and look at sights through a lens…to experiment with foods…to venture into areas I’d never frequented. The thrill of novelty was stimulating to the senses. Heightened awareness of my surroundings. An alertness to details. That is part of what travel does…keeps you from zoning out on monotony and not noticing anything. Saves you from a mind-numbingness and soul-swallowing of boredom. So many people fall into the trap of Same-Old-Same-Old and stop SEEING. Go right by jewels of things that would catch the eye of a tourist but too often get missed by a local. An added bonus to this was the feeling of belonging and not merely being a voyeur passing through other people’s lives. Travel is a wondrous adventure, but the sense of being a Stranger in a Strange Land always made me remember that a place belonged to others…their laws, their way. And that can be difficult for long term arrangements.

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