A Day In The Life – Big Decisions

Thinking about the future can be pretty scary. For every decision that we make, there are a thousand “What if” questions that can crop up. What if I had done this or that differently? What if I hadn’t said that, or gone there? This is as true for travel as it is anything else. My life changed dramatically when I said “What if I do apply to EPIK?”, which (if you are a regular reader) you will know I did back in 2013.

Now first, I should probably make it clear that I regret nothing about moving to Korea. I loved every minute of it and I can say that I have never been happier as I was living there. But I am back home now, and once again I am at a point where I need to start to think about my next great adventure. My next step on the road. Yes, I am here training to be a fully qualified teacher, a process that will take two years. But what do I want to do after that? Well, I don’t quite know.

I currently have two options that I am looking at seriously – move to Vietnam to teach English as a Foreign Language again OR save up my money to try and emigrate to Australia. Both options have there advantages and disadvantages. But recently, I have been thinking about it more and more. Maybe it is because I am getting a bit older and finally becoming responsible. Maybe it is because I have a lot of spare time at the moment (thanks extended summer break). But this isn’t a decision that it easy to make. When I think about it, I don’t know what I honestly want to do.

But it got me to thinking – we often spend so much time focused on what might happen that we completely ignore everything that is happening around us.  I know I am guilty of this – especially in my last six months in Korea. I got so zoned in on what I was doing next that I failed to truly appreciate my time there. The small things. It is only now that I realise how important they were to me.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is yes, plan for the future. Plan that next trip or adventure. Think about it. But don’t do so at the expense of what is happening around you or you’ll miss all the great adventures happening there too.

Some of the best memories I have of the past three years.

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