A Day In The Life – Big Decisions

Thinking about the future can be pretty scary. For every decision that we make, there are a thousand “What if” questions that can crop up. What if I had done this or that differently? What if I hadn’t said that, or gone there? This is as true for travel as it is anything else. My life changed dramatically when I said “What if I do apply to EPIK?”, which (if you are a regular reader) you will know I did back in 2013.

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The War and Peace Revival Show (Or Nazis…Nazis Everywhere)

Last Wednesday, I had the unique experience of attending the War and Peace Revival Show. Held at Folkstone racecourse every year around this time, it is a complete ‘celebration of military vehicles and vintage lifestyle’. This year, it spanned from the 19th July until the 23rd and attracted people from far and wide (both traders and attendees alike).

But many of you may be asking the question “What is the War and Peace Revival Show and why should I care that you went there?” Well, dear reader, let me tell you. First, I should really explain what it is. Put simply, it is a fantastic collection of military memorabilia and reenactors/living history enthusiasts. It is (I believe) the largest show of its kind in Europe. You can pretty much find anything there, from First World War bayonets to Nazi Living History enthusiasts. You can see a range of events over the course of the show and enjoy live music (though the music is obviously a bit old fashioned for some people).

20160720_144105 (edit)
An overview of the Living History section. It went on and on.

I ended up attending this year alongside my best friend and his Dad, who invited me along knowing my absolute love of history. They attend as collectors of military memorabilia, whilst I went with more of an eye for the reenactment side of things. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy looking around the different stalls and merchandise they offered. I even purchased a few bits myself (a very stylish Hawaiian shirt and a new watch strap for my Timex). We spent many a happy hour following my friend’s Dad, who seemed to know the show like the back of his hand. He himself saw a few items that took his interest and would return to check them out on the other days that he attended. I could only attend the one day, however.

Once we had done looking at the sales stalls, we went to my favourite bit – the living history section of the show, where all the reenactment takes place. Though we didn’t have much time there, I took a few pictures of some American and German reenactors. That is to say, they were the countries they were portraying. Below are the shots I managed to get on my phone, as I annoyingly forgot to take my camera with me.

20160720_144151 (edit)20160720_144441 (edit)20160720_144513 (edit)20160720_144627 (edit)

Overall, I would heartily suggest this event to anyone with even a passing interest in history or military things or vintage lifestyles. What you can’t find here isn’t worth finding. The ticket for the day was £18 and it has great transport links so you can even get there if you don’t have a car (although for those buying anything big, a car/van is a must)!

Check out the website for the War and Peace Revival Show for more information and pictures.

Until next time, dear reader.


Wonderful Weddings and Weekends of Woe

So. Despite all my promises to actually update this blog with things like pictures and posts and stuff  (you know, like an active blogger would), I have instead failed to post for several weeks. This, I assure you, is completely my fault. I have no excuses apart from games, and a lack of money to go on adventures to enthrall you with.

However, this Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of my friend Jesuh and her (now) husband Jinhee. I won’t lie, dear readers – attending weddings always leaves me conflicted. On the one hand, you have the joy of other people and seeing them happier than you have ever seen them. The beautiful ceremony and the confirmation that not everything in the world is a bit shit. On the other, you have the crippling “My god, how old am I getting that I attend these things now?” feeling, combined with (if you are me) a confusion as to what to say to people. Congratulations seems obvious (and is normally what I opt for) but a part of me always wants to scream “Nooo. Not *insert name here*. They were so young…”

In all seriousness, I was very happy for Jesuh and thrilled to be invited to her special day. The wedding is the first I have attended in Korea and it didn’t fail to disappoint. I moved from awe, to confusion to awe and confusion (where I stayed for much of the ceremony). Jesuh looked wonderful in her dress (pictures to come soon) and her husband looked very dapper in a tuxedo. I would very much love to tell you about the ceremony itself but I can’t say much outside of it was very beautiful. It even made me, an emotionally repressed British man, get all emotional. I did feel better for not really following what was going on when I spoke to Jesuh later and she assured me she didn’t really know either. I was also lucky enough to be invited to throw confetti at the end of the ceremony by what I assume were bridesmaids.

Apart from that, I spent the weekend ill. I have been rather dizzy since Friday. It seems to be getting better today but I don’t want to curse it. I hope you are all well and will write again soon. And post some wedding pictures.