The beginning of a new adventure!

I haven’t posted on here in a while. But, dear reader, I do apologise for this. For you see, I have been undertaking the beginning of a new adventure and it has kept me quite busy. Yes. I have finally begun my teacher training. And it is hard work. I feel as though I am constantly behind, needing to do something, not having enough time to do something or that I should be doing something else more productive than the productive thing that I am currently doing.

But I guess this is preparing me well for the busy life of a teacher. I’ll admit, I had it easy in Korea as a teacher. I didn’t have to do any marking. I didn’t really have to set any massive tests. I didn’t have to attend meetings. So seeing how it really works in the UK in comparison to teaching (ESL teaching, that is) in Korea has been interesting. I am five weeks into my course now and I have loved every minute. I have especially enjoyed the placement at my school. Being back in the classroom again is a great feeling, even if I was only observing most of the time.

So, why am I telling you all this? Well, I plan to keep you as updated as I can with my progress, the realities of taking a PGCE and my life in general as I learn over the next year. I have no doubts that the next 12 months will be among the toughest of my life. As I said above, I already feel like I don’t do enough, and we have only just started.

For anyone reading this and planning on taking a PGCE – it is really difficult. It starts out hard and gets even harder. I feel that, in order to do my work, I have recently been neglecting my general health, friends, girlfriend and wellbeing. That isn’t a good thing. So my solution is to try and take some time for me every weekend because otherwise I am going to burn myself out and that won’t be productive for anyone.

But also know that a PGCE course is a lot of fun too. I have loved learning different teaching methods and classroom activities to use (and even tried a few out with my class that I solo teach at the moment). It is fantastically rewarding to put the time into planning a lesson and having it go well. In fact, it is fantastically rewarding in general.

Taking this course has also made me realise something else – I miss ESL as a career. I think I have mentioned before that I didn’t think I was finished with it and now I know that I am not. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to go and do some ESL teaching. But that adventure will have to wait, for these lesssons aren’t going to plan themselves.

Until next time, dear reader.


So, here we are again…

With me starting off a blog post by apologising for not having written one for around two months now. It isn’t that I don’t want to, but read below and you will find out why I haven’t.

1. – Pills!

So, anyone that has read this blog/is in my family/friendship group will know that I am currently battling some mental health problems (severe biological depression, anxiety and insomnia). As a result, I am currently taking a cocktail of pills (eleven a day at the moment) to battle this. I take an anti-depressant twice a day, two types of anti-anxiety medication twice a day, a tranquiliser once a day, an anti-nausea tablet twice a day, and three kinds of mood stabliser (one twice a day, two once a day). As a result, I seem to be spending much of my time sort of…high or too drained to do anything.

2. – Socialising!

I have actually been pretty busy with friends recently. I have attended a local music festival (Live From The Moon…I think it was called that…), a fundraiser for the Sewol Ferry disaster where I was in a man auction (I sold for like…$50 or something). I have been eating out, getting coffee and going shopping. It has been great, but means I have had little time. On top of this, I Skype Hayley nearly everyday now. So my spare hours are normally spent recovering from all the damn pills I take.

3. – I am lazy and tend to forget about this. Explains itself really.

But in the next few weeks, I am going to Caribbean Bay (a water park) so expect something to do with that!

Tales of Woe…Or How I Seem to Have Spent the Last Month Ill…

So, as I noted in my last post, I didn’t really post at all last month. Even this has taken me a day longer to get up than I planned. Why? Because I seem to be ill with…something. Even the doctor, who I was visiting last night, seemed to be confused. The problem is I had a cold but I also have mega-allergies to pollen and dust. Because when you have allergies, you have to make sure they are the lamest allergies possible.

The multitude of pills I am on (18 a day) combating this make me feel like Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street. I take 5 different pills three times a day for my cold symptoms, an anti-histamine once a day for my allergies and currently take two Stablon a day to help me battle depression and anxiety. The good thing was all of these pills ended up costing me almost nothing (visit to doctor and all my medication cost me 9,800 won). I am a little worried as I only have Stablon for 15 days and anti-depressants normally take several months before they become affective. I have to research the tablets more (not an easy task as they don’t seem to be available in English speaking countries). But, my dear readers, don’t worry about me. I will be fine.

This is my life right now…

What else have I been up to? Well, we finally started back at school this week. I haven’t taught a proper class since November. Going up and teaching again has reminded me why I loved it here so much until we were on a holiday/desk-warming marathon. Desk-warming, for those that don’t know, can only be compared to a slow torture. Lesson planning can only take up so much time…But I was one of the lucky ones allowed to work from home this winter instead of being at school alone. My current mental state also meant that my already limited attention span was almost non-existent. More on my attention span later though. I have an entirely new First Grade and walking down a corridor right now is the closest thing I will ever get to being Ryan Gosling. “Ohhh! So handsome!”. Walking to the bathroom yesterday took much longer than normal, as I handed out high-fives and hellos to pretty much every kid.

Me in Korea
Me back home…

What else is new? I am counting down to the holiday I have booked for summer. Yes. Finally, after seven years of great friendship, I am going to New Zealand to meet my amazing friend Hayley in person for the first time. We have discussed it and our current plans consist of either:

  • Go outside and shame everyone with our combined amazing-ness and style.
  • Stay at her house, never leave the sofa and watch an epic LOTR marathon. For two weeks.
Needless to say, I am very excited about meeting her. It will probably be the best thing to come from the whole ‘Korea’ experience for me.
Lastly, I mentioned some attention problems above. Some of my friends here have pointed out similarities between me and people they used to know/teach with attention problems. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I have no idea if there is anything to it. But it has been playing on my mind somewhat recently.
Well, I have rambled on long enough. Check back soon for more posts. I will keep a more regular posting schedule, I promise. Stay awesome!

It has been so long…

And for that I am sorry. This past few weeks has been pretty rough for me in terms of motivation to do things for a whole list of personal reasons I will not bore you with here.

But fear not, I will be posting once again. I will try and get one or two new posts up today and perhaps another one written. It will probably be another Applying to EPIK post and perhaps the next K.F.C. But now, I got to eat lunch and do a little lesson planning.