Looking Back – Walking Around Cheongju

Various Shots of Cheongju, Autumn 2014

Looking Back – Autumn in Chambly, Canada

I had the pleasure of spending last autumn in Chambly, Quebec and I absolutely loved it. Below are a few of the pictures I took around that time when I  was cycling around the town. Enjoy


Looking Back – A Trip To Granby Zoo

So, back in October I went to Granby Zoo with Marta and her family for her Mum’s birthday. Below are a few shots that I took that day. I really enjoyed going there, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great day out in Quebec.


Looking Back – A Day Out With Rodin

Welcome, dear reader, to a photography adventure through my past. Back in last October I went to an amazing Rodin exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. Below is a few of the pictures I took that day. Enjoy